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PT, Sports Therapy

Tegan Otto, PT, DPT 

Hey! My name is Tegan Otto, and I was a former gymnast at NSGA for my entire USAG career. I made it to level 10 under the tutelage of Ryan and Odie, and went onto D3 Gymnastics at UW-LaCrosse where we won 2 National Championships. I also had the opportunity to coach a national championship team while in Physical Therapy school at UW-L. These days, I’ve taken my love of sport into the Physical Therapy world and rehabbing those who love gymnastics just as much as I did growing up. In my first 6 years as a PT I felt bound by insurance policies, and timelines and I decided to grow my own company Core Physical Therapy. Whether a gymnast, a parent of a gymnast, or family friend we are all a small gymnastics community, and my goal is to help you meet your goals. Please reach out at anytime if you have questions, or would like to start with Core PT!

Happy to help you back to your health!

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Allie Wagener, Ph.D.

Allie is a Licensed Psychologist who provides clinical services specializing in sports and performance psychology. She has worked in the field for over 10 years, training top performers to consistently reach their optimal potential.

Sports Psychology is used to improve performance and emotional well-being in athletes, coaches and parents within an athletic community. 

North Shore is very excited to be partnering with Allie Wagener to help support select groups of our Girls Team gymnasts.

Dr Allie will meet with small groups at North Shore every few weeks to build preventative and in moment skills to help achieve optimal performance in and out of the gym. Based on the feedback from coaches, gymnasts and parents – Dr. Allie will put together a mental training plan to assist in those goals. Peak performance sessions will last an hour and will include interactive games, lessons, and topics surrounding performance-enhancement and overall well-being.

For more information on Allie and how she is working with our Team girls, contact