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Girls & Boys Competitive Team

Our Philosophy is to establish a total program which:

  • Allows each athlete to excel in the sport of gymnastics and reach their goals.
  • Teaches life lessons to be used in the gym, at school, and in life beyond
  • Provides a safe and nurturing environment that helps build each gymnast’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • Works to keep open communication among gymnasts, coaches, and parents.

North Shore Gymnastics Association athletes learn many valuable life skills from the sport of gymnastics, such as:

  • Self-discipline (knowing that work needs to be done in order to achieve a goal).
  • Self-motivation (working hard because they want to).
  • Respect for the sport, physical fitness, teammates, and coaches.
  • Sportsmanship-Playing by the rules. Learning how to deal with failure. Understanding that failure makes you stronger and teaches how to win graciously.

Gymnasts also learn:

✪ Dedication   ✪ Leadership   ✪ Concentration   ✪ Friendship   ✪ Time Management   ✪ Effort   ✪ Team Work   
✪ Gracefulness   ✪ Physical Fitness ✪ Goal Setting   ✪ Healthy Mental Attitude   ✪ Appetite for Success

Gymnastics excellence means becoming the best you can be individually.  To achieve this excellence, long and short range goals need to be made.  To achieve these goals, an incredible amount of hard work is necessary and expected.  At NSGA each gymnast can expect a regimented program.  We will strive to be the very best, recognizing the fact that…

If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing right!