Distance Learning

Distance Learning Program Details

Meet our Distance Learning Facilitator

Hello! My name is Nicole Dennis. I have been a teacher in the Robbinsdale Area School District for 20 years with a Master’s degree in education. I taught distance learning last year to my first grade students. I also have 3 children of my own (an elementary, middle, and high schooler) in the Wayzata School District and helped facilitate their distance learning at home. These experiences have helped me become familiar with several different platforms schools use and I have seen firsthand the struggles that students and their parents had with distance learning. I am excited to help families relieve some of this stress by creating a somewhat structured, educational, and fun environment for learning to take place at North Shore. I was also a gymnast at North Shore as a child and my kids have now been a part of North Shore Gymnastics for 10 years.

  • 20 years of elementary teaching experience in the Robbinsdale Area Schools
  • BS in Education from Bethel University
  • Master’s of Education from St. Mary’s University
  • Distance Learning 1st grade teacher in Spring 2020
  • Mom of 3 children in Wayzata Schools and facilitated their distance learning last Spring
  • North Shore employee 5 years, with my children part of the gym programming for 10 years
  • Part of the North Shore “family” since childhood